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Robert Bray Associates

Creating beautiful places that come alive when it rains.

Multi-award-winning Landscape Architects and specialists in integrating Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) into new development and existing landscapes.

The practice has led the evolution of SuDS in the UK since the mid-1990s through its creativity, sensitivity and innovation. They are responsible for a number of industry recognised exemplar projects and have produced or inputted into a number of influential SuDS guidance documents such as the CIRIA SuDS Manuals and SuDS guides for water companies and councils. 18 local planning authorities, including 9 London boroughs, have recently begun to use and publish their co-authored `SuDS Design & Evaluation Guide` ( aimed at ensuring the delivery of successful SuDS within new development.

They provide expert SuDS training directly to councils and NGOs as well as advanced SuDS training through CIRIA.

Their ability to completely integrate the creative management of rainwater into wider masterplanning and landscape design creates high-performance schemes that are completely multi-functional, biodiverse, playful and attractive at the same time as being cost-effective, easy to build and easy to maintain.

In fact this synthesis of placemaking, response to place and community, and sustainable rainwater management won them the prestigious President`s Award as well as their category award at the 2017 Landscape Institute Awards for their Bridget Joyce Community Rainpark (

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